Rapper The Game deelt beelden poging inbraak en belooft daders dood te schieten bij terugkomst

De Amerikaanse rapper ‘The Game’ heeft beelden gedeeld van een poging inbraak in zijn villa in Los Angeles.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor zoals de rapper in het echt heet was afgelopen weekend uitgenodigd voor de BET awards. Drie criminelen dacht slim te zijn en besloten zijn woning leeg te gaan roven.

Hun plan mislukte toen ze zagen dat het pand goed bewaakt werd en er twee grote rottweiler’s aanwezig waren. The Game is woest en belooft het drietal bij een nieuwe poging per direct dood te schieten.

So this past Saturday night, 3 niggas thought they could catch me slippin while I was out enjoying #BETweekend festivities & attempt to burglarize my home. These niggas was on the ground checking the windows & doors for sensors & once they saw house was secure, & my 2 Rottweilers were in the crib they aborted mission. The 1st nigga walk look hella familiar & I’m on it !!! Y’all idiots really three deep wit one baby ass flash light ??? What y’all gone do, flash my dogs to death ?? They also covered their faces with their hands & towels (they were going to use to break glass) as they walked past all of the cameras….. What they didn’t realize wit they dumb ass is the neighbors got cameras too & where they parked they car the plate was visible…. No need to call police, we gone see how you like niggas in all black at yo crib !!! But fuck all the dumb shit, #BETWeekend is over & I’ll be home waiting so please come back tonite so I can put all three of you niggas in caskets for even thinking I’m the nigga that’s gone let you violate my home & leave breathing !!!! A place where my children lay their heads at night will never be disrespected on my watch !!! If & when you come back “I’M KILLING ALL THREE OF YOU NIGGAS ON SIGHT” !!! So if you wanna lose your life over some Xbox’s & A few TV’s…. by all means, pull up & hop that gate again… ME & DRACO WILL BE WAITING !!!!! – Sincerely, THE GAME #TellMyPOillGoBackToJailBeforeiAllowNiggasToPlayMe #SorryNotSorry #ThisIsHowNiggasGetKilledOverDumbShit

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